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Client: Family Clinic

Year: 2022


Services: Copywriting, Web design, Web development, SEO, Social media

Family Clinic is a medical clinic established in 2011, which has over 3000 patients enrolled in family medicine, offering services for 12 other medical specialties to the community in the northern area of Pipera-Voluntari.

The Challenge

Raising awareness of the importance of family medicine services

Our client wanted us to respond to the need to raise awareness of the importance of community medical services for family medicine and other specialties among the community. In addition, the website needed to update the information made available to the public as a result of the growth of the clinic team and the diversification of medical specialties covered.

Our goal was for the website to convey confidence in the clinic’s team of physicians and qualified staff and to meet the need for timeliness in how medical services should reach patients. We wanted to achieve an easy-to-navigate website that provided relevant information about the consultation schedule, tests and investigations available.


The deliverables

Responsive website with custom design

The new website has been developed in WordPress, with integration of Elementor Pro core functionalities, with a custom design for both desktop and mobile.

echipa mobil
homepage mobil
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Landing page for family medicine

A landing page for family medicine has been created, containing all relevant information:

landing page family clinic

Increase the quality of traffic on the site

An improvement in user behaviour metrics can be noticed: bounce rate improved by 16%, number of pages accessed per session increased by 12% and average session duration increased by 39% compared to the same period last year.

Search engine performance

From an SEO point of view, the site was targeted to show up in searches related to family medicine in the northern area of Bucharest and the page rank was improved to increase organic hits.

Thus, the average position on keywords derived from the brand name reached 1.9, and on queries like “medic de familie Pipera” or medical specialties the site is displayed on the first page, in the top 3 organic search positions.

Google search console
The collaboration with the client is excellent and ongoing in the area of maintaining social media pages and posting updated content in medical articles in the blog section of the site.
Cristina Popescu

Without a doubt, online reputation is also very important in the medical field.
We started our collaboration with Online Hub with the main goal of updating our old website, which required multiple interventions, both graphically and for renewing useful information for our patients. We found a friendly, young, open and highly creative team, who responded very seriously and without delay to all our requests.
As a medical practice whose core business is family medicine, we are used to our patients accessing us directly, so it was initially difficult for us to understand the benefits of an online marketing strategy. But the agency's experience in the medical segment has convinced us that they are a reliable partner with whom we want to work on a long-term basis.
The team quickly identified our strengths and helped us define the structure needed to create a virtual business card that, in the end, fully characterized us and exceeded our expectations. And because we are always concerned with prevention, we felt that generating patient-relevant educational medical content would play a pivotal role in increasing and maintaining our credibility as a family health care provider, so we decided to continue the collaboration.
We appreciate the very important support that Online Hub constantly offers us in our ongoing concern to be always close to our patients, whom we want to keep informed and to come up with proposals for medical solutions to all the medical problems they face. (Cristina Popescu, General Practitioner and Family Doctor, ImuPro Consultant)

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