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Client: Be Multilingual

Year: 2021


Services: Logo design, Web design, Web development, SEO

Be Multilingual is a language learning programme for children aged 3 to 11 using the Phonics & EYFS Teaching method. The programme is run in kindergartens and after-schools in Bucharest.

About the project

The initiator of the program called upon our agency to launch her new brand. Thus, we defined together the priorities of the project: creation of the visual identity, reservation of the web domain for the future website, content strategy and website structure, development of the bilingual website and its search engine optimization.

The challenge

Customised presentation of the teaching method

In an environment overcrowded with language schools and language teaching methods, the challenge was to present in a unique way what distinguishes this teaching method and to highlight its benefits for children.


LOGO. Visual identity

We created a relevant logo in line with the design direction suggested by the client, based on the keywords in the business name. Our proposal respected the criteria and attributes of the brand: current, modern, playful.

The set of materials also includes the logo usage guide, the logo’s declination on the business card, flyer, powerpoint presentation and other educational materials for students.

Be multilingual logo
Be multilingual logo-mockup


We strived to adapt the content of the programme to a special design, visually adapted to current trends, attractive to children and parents. Although we worked with a lot of text, we managed to integrate the chosen colour scheme to differentiate the courses by age group with static and animated visuals.


Content structure

The site’s structure is user-friendly, navigation is easy and the adaptation for mobile has been outstanding.

We have created landing pages dedicated to each language, English and French, creative activities in foreign languages. The pages have been SEO optimized to meet the requirements of indexing and display in organic results.

The presentation website developed in WordPress with the help of Elementor Pro builder is an excellent solution to promote your business. It offers easy integration with any social media channel, Analytics tools and online advertising platforms. It is a flexible website, easy to maintain/update by the owner themselves or with technical support from a webmaster.

We had an excellent collaboration, the client being open to all our suggestions to create a website friendly for both parents and little beneficiaries.

About Online Hub : passion, precision, perseverance.
When I chose Online Hub to create the website for my language club Be Multilingual, I felt safe. I knew I had put my project in the best hands and that it would be filtered by the most creative minds.
It united us and unites us in our passion for the act of creating and for a job well done. The Online Hub team and I at Be Multilingual are beesy bees. ūüźĚ
Working with the team flowed like honey. We outlined the content we wanted included on the website and they took care of the rest. But let's start with the logo. I came up with the name of the club and said I see a bee and multiculturalism, the earth. That's how the graphic element of the bee with a sphere body, representing foreign languages, came about. I was extremely impressed with how beautifully and accurately the logo was done. Simple and comprehensive, well-defined visual identity, full stop!
I worked very smoothly with the team for the layout part of the content. They provided me with pictures and even included pop up animations to highlight the playful spirit needed for a website on a teaching profile. IT and maintenance: 10+, I even get reminders when the website needs updating, plug-ins. I don't know much about it, but they do!
The Online Hub team is what you need when you want to create an online identity and when you want to increase the visibility of your business. The website helped me, it's my business card! I recommend it 100%! (Elena Georgiana Ceau»ôescu, Be Multilingual)

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