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Client: Școala de canto Art Music

Year: 2021


Services: Web design, Web development, SEO

ART Music singing school opened its doors with its website in 2013 and has become a landmark for those who want to pursue a career in music or practise their vocal talent.

About the project

Art Music Singing School is the place where those passionate about music can study vocal technique in pop singing, acting and stage movement. The target audience is young people, teenagers who are building an artistic career, parents of children up to 18 years old, adults whose hobby is musical performance.

The professional, elegant style, the warm, family atmosphere of this place in the centre of Bucharest led us to conceive a complete strategy for the Art Music Singing School, highlighting these values, an identity that resonates with the idea of a fresh and bold business.

The challenge

Redesign the website and keep it at the top position in organic searches

In 2021 we redesigned the website, focusing on the school’s curriculum and outcomes. The blog attached to the website was populated with Mădăline Cârcotă’s articles, through which she promoted her teaching method, thus gaining notoriety in the community of fans, which grows organically with each new blog post.

We aimed to keep the site in the number 1 position in all organic Google searches related to ”lecții de canto”, ”cursuri de canto”, ”tehnică vocală”, ”vreau să cânt”, ”pregătire concurs talente”, ”vocal coach”, ”canto pop”.



Adapting the latest version of the website to the latest trends in the field, in order to gain the attention of young audiences

Because the client’s target audience is young people, who are more receptive to adapting to trends, in 2021 we recommended to the client a redesign of the website, focusing on new trends and highlighting the most impactful content (which at the time had the most hits and views).

Thus, we created a new, minimalist website with a focus on the mobile version, as most of the traffic was generated by mobile hits.

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Adopting a marketing strategy based on organic growth by generating original content

At the same time, we proposed to the client to pursue a digital marketing strategy based on organic growth, without any investment in paid advertising, online or offline.

The most important component of the online communication strategy was the generation of original content: articles dealing with methodology from a pedagogical perspective, teachers’ interaction with students and their parents, lots of educational videos – examples of voice effects.

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Effective SEO strategy propelled ArtMusic to the top position in Google

The Art Music Singing School website managed the performance of ranking in the top positions in Google shortly after launch, generating a large number of enquiries and sign-ups from organic searches alone.

Further, the school does not resort to paid promotional campaigns, due to efforts to maintain high SEO score and top position listings for core keywords. Currently, Art Music Singing School promotes itself primarily through SEO, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Today, the school has 180 students, 2 locations and 7 teachers. A successful campaign is the Art Music Scholarship – with over 40 children enrolling every year!

Art Music is one of the projects we are most proud of, the collaboration has been fruitful and long lasting.

The proposal to open a singing school came from Lala, but it scared me to death and of course I rejected it outright at first. I knew I wasn't ready to teach. Lala had the patience and tact to teach me business lessons, and I was teaching her singing lessons.
She had a hard time convincing me to make a website where I could promote my singing lessons. Built and designed by her... When the phone calls started ringing for registrations I understood how important it was to have a website that had attractive content.
Lala - as a business strategist - advised me skilfully and convinced me that the website had to reflect reality and not contain anything over and above what I could offer. It was an intense period for me, perfecting my teaching skills, building my own teaching method, studying from treatises on vocal technique and of course working intensively on the content of And if at the beginning the Singing School website was on the tenth page of Google, a year later it was on the first page and in the first position! The balance sheet after 10 years looks like this: more than two hundred active students, eight teachers specialized in a unique method of pop singing, two locations in Bucharest and Pipera. The success of our collaboration lies in the fact that we both have the same passion: Music, and the sophisticated language of online marketing was patiently, skilfully and with a lot of heart introduced to me by an artist, not a corporate!
Thank you, Online Hub, for the care with which you maintain our website and help us stay on top of Google results! Respect, admiration and much appreciation! (Mădălina Cîrcotă, founder of Art Music Singing School)

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