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Web Development

The web development services we provide extend well beyond website creation and optimization. We venture into developing online shops, web apps, programming, CRM and ERP integration, as well as database management.

What is web development?

A user decides if he wants to stay on your website and read all the information in just a few seconds. There are a couple of elements that your website must showcase in order to attract the user’s attention:

Graphic design – a fresh look in line with current tech trends and a unique tone that sends the right message to increase brand awareness;
Interaction and functionality – the website’s functionality is in tune with the calls to action and user behavior;
Usability – the website showcases all the important information about your business (products, services and other details);
Credibility for potential customers – through optimum loading times on any devices, integration with maps, your website must facilitate easy ways to connect.

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Our web development team is qualified in the following:

  • Design, code and an ability to adapt the website’s look and feel as well as functionality according to customer requests
  • Creation of easy to use websites that are visually appealing and have a modern design
  • Good understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, web functions and standards
  • Experience in website development using open-source platforms: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and the e-commerce platform WooCommerce
  • The ability to set up webmaster tools: Google Tag Manager, Webmaster Tool
  • Expertise in Web app development and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery and API
  • Thorough knowledge in designing using Web Services
  • Understanding security issues specific to E-commerce platforms