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Client: Vlad Gheorghiu

Year: 2022

Website: vgheorghiu.ro

Services: Copywriting, redesign, logo creation, SEO, DTP.

Vlad Gheorghiu is a top real estate consultant working since 2014 in the luxury residential area, with a good offline visibility, named Real Estate Agent of the Year 2019 in Romania.

The project started from the client’s need to compete successfully with large global translation companies. The initial request was to improve the SEO score of the website so that it would have better visibility in organic searches of those who use translation services.

The challenge

We strived to create a consistent, unified brand image that best reflects the quality standard of our client’s services, and through the style we adopted we tried to reach our target audience, namely luxury real estate sellers, as easily as possible.

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Logo design and slogan

We created the brand for Dr. Vlad Gheorghiu, proposing him some logo design concepts and slogans suitable for his area of expertise. (concept mock-ups)


Custom design of the presentation website

We customized the design of the presentation website, integrating the logo, color scheme and fonts selected by the client.

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despre mine page

Relevant, engaging and easy to navigate content

We have rewritten the content to make it as attractive and easy to navigate for potential customers as possible, integrating exclusive offers of properties in our client’s portfolio, past successful sales and a contact form.

Promotional materials

We created a set of promotional materials (banners, business cards, electronic signature).

For offline promotion, we created the DTP for leaflets and the “Seller’s Guide” brochure, made available to the public including on the presentation website.

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