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Visual Identity – Branding

Every new project starts with defining the Brand Strategy:

  • Mission, vision, values, positioning
  • Naming & tone of voice
  • Visual Identity and Brand Book
  • Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Digital branding

What is Branding?

There is much confusion around this concept, many definitions have been made. What does “Branding” stand for? Tens of years ago, Branding was about a name, a slogan, a symbol, a design or a combination of these elements that identifies the products or services of a company and differentiate them from the competitors. Today, brands are more complex and more important for marketing. The brand is about what consumers perceive about a company, a product or service. . Thus, brands are in a continuous evolution that changes with the consumer behaviour, they are an image of what companies represent to their customers.

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Branding is not about being chosen No.1 but to convince the potential consumers that you can offer the solution they search for or need.

What goals should achieve a strong brand:

  • to send a clear message
  • to motivate the consumers to buy
  • to establish an emotional connection between consumers and your products/services
  • to transmit realiability
  • to create loyalty from the consumer side

For successfull brand creation, every company must understand the needs and aspirations of their actual and potential customers.

The Brand is the key point in marketing communication. Brand is connected to the strategy and marketing helps it go up front by using a set of tactics.

Online Hub Approach

  • we build new brands from scratch, we create a visual identity to new businesses
  • we redefine an old brand identity, in line with the business evolution or vision. If the business has a new direction and the current brand does not express it well, we will refresh the brand according to the new business line and trends.

How can we help?

Full package of visual identity elements, from graphic symbol, naming, tagline, slogan, fonts, color scheme to related graphic items: banners, infographics, power-point templates, customized marketing collaterals: business cards, flyers, brochures, billboards, roll-ups, stickers, case studies, white papers, branded give-aways and gifts.