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What does User Experience mean?

User experience refers to the interaction quality and perception a visitor gets after dealing with the company, its products and services.

When it comes to websites, we consider the term user interface. This encompasses all the interactions one visitor has with the company website. The number one requirement of a website is to perform the needed functions for its visitors in an effortless fashion. A good user interface is made by mixing multiple disciplines: graphic design, marketing and coding.

It’s important to note the difference between user interface and usability. Usability is an attribute of a good user interface. It proves that the platform is easy to learn, efficient and pleasant to use.

On the web, usability is a primeval condition for the survival of a website.

If a website is difficult to use, the visitors will bounce. If the homepage does not offer a clear message of what the company is about, they bounce. If the information is hard to read and answers hard to find, visitors will bounce.

There is no single rule-book for building the best website. If people don’t find what they search for on your website, they’ll leave. There are plenty of other sites. If they encounter obstacles on your website, they will sanction you by bouncing.

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So, it is imperative to consider these aspects when building a new website. We seek to create a pleasant experience for the visitor that will lead to conversions and finally to achieving business goals.