Storytelling in digital marketing

Technology has evolved to such a degree that computers have defeated humans at one of the most complex games: GO. “Defeat” might be a harsh word, but we should get used to it when it comes to certain head-on challenges with technology.

Stories have been around for ages and they still are the foundation of human communication

Despite all this tech avalanche, humans connect not through usb, hdmi or firewire ports, but through stories. Since day one, when we were camping around a fire in the wilderness, the need to tell stories came out naturally through drawings on the walls of a cave. Perhaps that was the first beta version of Facebook’s wall. Drawings evolved, others were invited to join, adding their own vision and impression of reality on the walls of the cave.

Your brand as the story nexus of your business

Fast forward a couple of thousands of years and where we invented brands. Brands appeared because we needed stories to take our place when we couldn’t be there to tell them. Thus, we started using symbols, logos and slogans to tell stories about the products we made. You bought this purple soap from me, it has my name and symbol on it, and you know it stands for quality because you’ve bought products from my shop before. A brand becomes a story nexus, for us, for our products, for our work. At the core of a brands stands the “why?” question. A simple question, but when asked, it opens numerous avenues of reason and explanations for why we do what we do.

Digital, the first place to tell your story

Internet is the new cave. Your website is your new wall where you draw your story. Now this story should permeate a brand’s communication. Yes, even in the digital world. Digital communication is not that far from analog communication. It just sounds fancier. However, if you think about it, a website can be abstracted to a sheet of paper, to a wall in the cave that tells a story. Your brand’s story. What is your narrative? How did you come up with your product? And why? We are curious to hear your story. Drop us an e-mail and let’s met for coffee!

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