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Social media management

Be where your clients are! Join the conversation in Social Media

Social Media Management sparks the conversation between your brand and your clients. It is an opportunity to be relevant and be a part of their daily life with useful and memorable content.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are already popular social networks that have garnered billions of users. You can’t have a relevant interaction without a well thought strategy. Social Media requires a natural communication style which helps you in lead generation, sales, promo and client education.

Here’s how we can help you in Social Media:

  • Editorial plan – we frequently create content according to the communication strategy
  • Tone of voice – your brand will communicate on social media just like in real conversations. The brand values will be reflected in the way it talks
  • Social Media listening – we keep track of popular and relevant topics and develop content according to your fans’ interests
  • Customer care – when managing your Social Media presence we constantly monitor page activity. We answer comments and questions fast, in order to provide people the information they need. We offer suggestions and resources as well as references to your website. Every interaction is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with each customer
  • Measurement – we closely follow your fan base, keep an eye on their reactions and nurture fans who can transform into brand advocates. We identify the most popular content and new topics arising on the horizon

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