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Project Description

Smile Dental Spa is the dental private practice of dr. Anca Ionescu.

Situated in a beautiful area of Bucharest, next to Carol Park, Smile Dental Spa is a modern dental clinic – a team of 7 specialized doctors, high end technology and high quality contractors who provide certified medical solutions.

Project’s objective -increase the customer base and promote Smile Dental Spa in its geographic area.


The website went through a process of redesign and its sitemap was upgraded with special pages, dedicated to the main dental treatments practiced by their doctors.

An extra focus was put onto dental surgery, implants and orthodontics.

Each medical procedure was documented through optimised imagery and relevant videos. The content was written by doctors themselves and was later adapted to patients’ needs and level of understanding. Furthermore, the content addressed those needs expressed in Google searches.

Education plays an important role in these type of projects. We’ve supported a thorough documentation on the clinic’s blog because more and more people tend to search the internet before addressing a real doctor.

People wanted to understand the procedures and their doctor’s recommendations. So we provided them details regarding the duration, risks, technology involved, tariffs, healing period and warranties of the medical processes.

We’ve managed to build a well documented website, with constant organic traffic. It certifies our optimization efforts at page level by performing well in organic searches and raising brand awareness. Promotional initiatives include PPC campaigns in well determined time frames, when special offers are available.

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Smile Dental Spa Project




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