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Project Description

Millions of Friends Association was set up in 1997. The activities, programs and public awareness of the needs of underprivileged animals have built a strong reputation for the association. Until contacting us, building a unitary visual identity of the brand was not a priority for Millions of Friends Association. However, in the context of the development and expansion of reputation and the desire to reach as many animal lovers as it can, the association decided to develop activities aimed to strengthen their brand image.


At first, our agency’s challenge was to obtain a visual impact identity that clearly outlined the association’s directions. Thus, when we started the project there were 3 logos for: the association, the bears sanctuary and the dog shelter.

The online presence was based on a presentation website, information, blog and news, an e-shop, 3 pages of Facebook – each channel represented with another logo, with different designs.

The solution offered by the Online Hub team was to unify the logos so that the logos of the sanctuary and the canine shelter were derived from the association’s logo. At a later stage, we declined the visual identity elements on the site, Facebook, adoption certificates, and all the necessary materials for print or other presentations. For the correct use of color schemes and logos, we have created for the association a brand book that incorporates all the developed elements.

As per developing the new website, we approached a new content strategy: unifying under the umbrella of the association all activities, both those dedicated to bears, dogs and the school education component. By doing so, we have aimed the public to identify all the projects and actions of the association as part of the same source. Thus, the new sections of “Campaigns” and “Donations” were better emphasized in order to meet the association’s goals of mobilizing volunteers and donors to get involved. We provided the platform with new features: integration with online ticket payment. The chosen solution was a versatile one with easy and intuitive navigation and an original design.

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