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Project Description

Mansarda-Mea is a project developed by our client Knauf Insulation Romania that brings together four well-known international and national brands: VELUX, Bramac, Knauf Insulation România and Knauf Gips România in a platform dedicated to the transformation of the attic into a living space. The idea was to meet the people needs who wanted to set-up their attic with practical ideas, inspiration, expert recommendations and helpful advices about what is necessary to know about a modern attic.


The project was a challenge for the Online Hub Team. We have been involved in the project from day 1 and carefully coordinated each stage, from the intermediary of the four partners involved, the content collection for the platform and the processing of the photos, to the design and development of the website. The graphics line and colours chosen for the logo, all elements were designed to be representative for all four brands. We searched for common points to serve each partner.

Mansarda-Mea Platform is a practical guide that includes 4 main chapters for transforming an attic into a living space: attic insulation, attic windows, attic finishes, and roof systems. In addition to the 4 sections, the pages present practical tips and inspiration. Online Hub specialists in web development have designed the site map of the website so that users quickly identify the areas of interest and intuitively access the information they want.

The work of the Online Hub team was not limited to the development of the site. We have developed the content strategy together with the strategy of increasing the project’s notoriety and traffic on the new website. In this sense, we managed to develop awareness campaigns in social media by creating and maintaining a Facebook page dedicated to Mansarda-Mea project. In the campaign aimed to gather and raise fans, we set up an impact video that was distributed by both project partners and on the new Mansarda-Mea page. The video was an instant success that gathered over 20,000 fans in the first three months form launching. In addition, we populated the Facebook account with posts relevant to the target audience of the project.

Currently, the project is in full swing and we are looking for new ideas and ideas for its development.

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