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Project Description

Knuth is a very well known brand in Germany, its country of origin. Knuth is active in Romania since 2006, making and selling CNC machines for the metal industry.


After having success with the Allmetech project, we got recommended to Knuth. We met a strong brand, with more than 50 years of tradition. So far, Knuth has reached its business objectives using traditional marketing strategies. A well trained sales force, catalogs and brochures have maintained a steady business pipeline for years in a row. But recently, the digital revolution started to make its presence felt even in this industry. The need for a new website that would be fresh, responsive and search engine optimised was clear.

We started our collaboration by auditing all the online assets and crafting a new positioning in a competitive landscape. Then creation of a strategy and a clear action plan followed.

On the short term, Knuth’s offers are promoted through PPC campaigns and landing pages developed on request.

The performance of these campaigns translates into creating a constant visibility in the digital environment, most frequented channels by the target audience, traffic growth on the, registration of new inquiries and technical details of machinery on stock, which leads us to conclude that the communication efforts will yield results as long as they are made strategically, with well predicted investment and realistic expectations.



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