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Project Description

Family Clinic is a company active in the medical field and requested Online Hub services to promote family medicine service.


To respond to the request, we proposed and developed a dedicated Landing Page that highlights the strengths of the clinic with focus on the services offered, the medical team and specializations.

The design and content for the Landing Page has been entirely realized by the development, creation and copywriting teams of Online Hub agency. We wanted to express the idea of family, care, attention and health.

The color scheme was chosen in tone with the Family Clinic brand, while the photos were carefully selected to complete and strengthen the crafted messages.

After the completion of the landing page implementation phase, followed the proposal of the online marketing strategy. Here, we have been considering promotions through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Taking into account the good location of the clinic, we focused on proximity targeting and aimed the audience in the Family Clinic area.

Throughout the campaign, the agency’s specialists tracked real-time results to adjust campaign settings to maximize the outcome, when needed. The success of the campaign was measured by the number of enrolments resulting from online promotion both on the clinic’s Facebook page and on Google.

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Landing Page - Family Clinic


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