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Project Description

The 20-year-old academic ballet school has turned to Online Hub services for online campaigns in order to support the promotion of academic courses, competitions and scholarships organized by the and its foreign partners.


In this regard, our specialists in web development, copywriting and graphic design realized Landing Pages dedicated to each service that ”La Sylphide” needed to promote. We focused on an impact presentation illustrating the professionalism and the results of the academic ballet school. The reputation gained in all years of activity was the idea behind the graphical concepts, messages and texts created for the Landing Pages.

We aimed to maximize the conversions and measured the results by the number of enrollments at school auditions. The scope was to attract talented ballet enthusiasts to join the organized by the academic ballet school. The success of our online campaigns did not come late: after two from launching, more than 25 ballet students were present at the audition, of which the school selected 15 young talents for the new academic ballet groups.

At the same time, we have created for La Sylphyde information and awareness campaigns on the school’s Facebook page to attract more fans in the school’s community.

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Landing Page - La Sylphide


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