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Project Description

Knuth is one of our first customers. The German company with an agency in Romania needed online promotion for the machine tools contained in its portfolio.


The chosen solution for obtaining the best promotion was an e-commerce platform that facilitated online orders to support online selling products worth up to $ 10,000.

In order to simplify the work of Knuth vendors, Online Hub specialists in web development have foreseen the advantage of selling higher value products.

Thus, for such orders, the platform records and submits only bid requests, while the sale ends offline, with specialized advice from the company’s sales team.

We have introduced over 250 products from the Knuth portfolio to the e-commerce platform, aiming to target different categories of investors interested in production equipment.

The German company also wanted a brand awareness digital marketing strategy. In this sense, we promoted the brand through Google Ads, producing impact messages for a specialized target audience. Campaign excellence and results are carefully monitored and we intervene with new proposals whenever improvements are needed.

Do you have a proximity business that needs promotion?

We target your audience and we bring customers near you in the shortest time!



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