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Project Description

Kadima Med is a company that offers original pharmaceutical products such as capsules, tablets, ointments, vaccines and injections, all made in Europe. The Kadima Med team distributes affordable medical products within the medical German system to authorized personnel: hospitals, pharmacies etc.


We had two objectives for this project: to develop a new visual concept, a visual identity that accurately captures the company activity and to develop a website for presenting all that expertise.

The first step was to design the Kadima Med logo, along with the brand’s handbook and slogan, and use it in presentation materials (business cards, letterheads, spreadsheets, etc.). The visual concept was entirely designed by the Online Hub team. The choice of colors and graphic symbols were realized on the basis of a brief designed by us and completed by the client. The concept was very well received and managed to convey the message and the philosophy of the company.

Starting from the new visual concept, the next step was to develop a presentation website that simply and accurately translates the company’s services to customers, but also provides valuable information about the origin of the products sold and the benefits of Kadima Med customers.

For the website development,  the Online Hub team has developed the web design, copywriting, messages, design and slogans. We made sure indexing is easy and with the SEO component on page, we ensured for Kadima Med website a good position within Google searches.

The Kadima Med project was developed with German precision. We have been provided with all the information we needed so that we can clearly understand the industry in which the company activates in order to target the audience correctly and efficiently.

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