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Project Description

Jonny Fresh is a Berlin-based company in 2013 that offers mobile textile cleaning services with lifting and delivery services to customers in the 13 major cities in Germany and Austria.


For Jonny Fresh, our German customer, we have developed a presentation website, integrated with a hybrid application that handles pick-up & delivery, for a complete user experience. The design for the platform was provided by our client and our Web Development Specialist implemented all the required elements so that the overall image of the Jonny Fresh site is unified.

In order to reflect on the platform all the needs of the end user, after a thorough study of the German market, we proposed a modular, versatile solution tailored to the needs of the consumer. The Jonny Fresh brand also has an application for mobile phones, so our team has helped to integrate the application with the platform and databases.

Jonny Fresh is an active client for which we are working post-implementation on the website maintenance, while developing landing pages for marketing campaigns our client runs in his home country.

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Jonny Fresh


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