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Project Description

The platform was the solution proposed by Online Hub team for our client’s (Knauf Insulation) need to distribute relevant and quality content in the field of building insulation.


The website was designed to inform and educate the public about the insulation products developed by Knauf Insulation and their applicability. As for the platform’s content, we have proposed and implemented an interactive and fun approach for the users so they can navigate and understand easily the messages posted. Following this line, the audience interacts with animated video that exposes the content in a simple, clear and concise way. The main video and secondary video scripts have been developed by the Online Hub team. Also, the filming and deployment has been co-ordinated by our agency.

An important part of the platform is the area dedicated to loyalty contests. Here, web development specialists have developed a contest page where participants can easily and intuitively enroll.

The platform has a double role – brand awareness for Knauf Insulation products and loyalty programs for customers.

The platform design follows the Knauf Insulation client lines and has been fully developed by our agency.

The promotion strategy for is entirely developed by the Online Hub team. We constantly monitor the performance of the online campaigns and we suggest improvements based on our customer requests.

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