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Project Description

Herman Oberth German School is an educational institution where children can go through an entire learning cycle (from kindergarten to high-school) assisted by teachers who speak native german.


Online Hub had one important input in the school’s educational offers. We developed two landing pages for PPC campaigns destined to attract new students to the special pre class for german and to the first year of high school, right after candidates passed national exams.

Our common objective was lead generation – students to be evaluated and selected as participants in the school’s courses.

We developed PPC campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, developed a communication strategy through relevant content, adapted to popular searches on this matter.

Traffic tracking codes were implemented and campaigns were optimised in real time as we made sure that the conversion rate is according to the expectations and investments.

A good counseling of our client was a main concern for us. They needed to understand the mechanisms of online promotions, with all their advantages and disadvantages. We constantly provided solutions to improve Herman Oberth German School’s digital presence and made sure there was a healthy two way communication taking place between the school and it’s parents community.

It is important for us to educate our clients so that they are in the know when coordinating investments in their digital endeavours. We commit to setting realistic expectations by adapting each component of our digital solutions to their needs and financial resources. Of course, everything action is measured in real time.

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