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Project Description

Eucom is a well know brand providing foreign language courses, linguistic audit, translations and interpretations. It has a history of 14 years and a team of over 200 certified trainers and linguists.

Its online tests are a modern and efficient technique. Solutions provided by Eucom allow its customers to simplify the testing of their new employees, eliminating the need for visiting the testing center for each step of the recruiting process. Decisions are taken faster and more efficient since results are received in real time.


This project has been a challenge from the start. Eucom’s online presence what a brief one, providing the function of a business card. It shortly told the story of the Eucom Business Language Center.

So we started by proposing them a new content strategy suited for the online world. We managed to turn lots of presentations, brochures and articles into compelling content that satisfied the needs of their customers. The content provided answers to all the frequent questions posed by those seeking foreign language courses in the corporate world.

  • We’ve designed online foreign language quizzez based on evaluation test used by big companies to evaluate employees or new hires
  • We’ve explained the methodology used in Eucom’s linguistic training and made a detailed presentation of their rare foreign language courses curricula. Their rare language trainers are available throughout the country
  • We’ve presented Eucom’s services in full detail, with an accent on the corporate segment and keeping an eye out for top management interactions
  • A new “Careers” section was added to the website. It helped Eucom grow as new teachers send in their CVs to be part of the team
  • The website is bilingual (both in RO and EN) and it is SEO optimized. It’s SEO performance score rose to 76% in just three months after launch

Eucom’s new website was launched in 2016 and was well received by the trainers community, clients and partners. The overall feedback was a positive one.

One side effect of a well targeted content was a rank increase on their specific keywords.

Online Hub continues to provide digital marketing consultancy to Eucom, through a well thought strategy, adapted to their target audience: editorial calendars on social media, brand awareness campaigns and PPC campaigns for their foreign language courses using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

We develop Landing Pages that increase conversion rates through targeted content – offers for foreign language courses in english, french, german are the most sought after. All the pages display relevant information, images, tariffs, benefits and a contact module to reach the Eucom experts.

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