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Project Description

Cimbria Heid is a Danish company with a history of over 10 years on the local market. It has been recently acquired by a US investment fund.

Cimbria Heid is proud to work for big clients in the agriculture industry and has a few infrastructure projects under its belt. The company sells solutions for cereal management (cleaning, sorting, transporting) to agricultural farms.


A mature brand, Cimbria Heid is known for the quality of its services and the trust entitled by their clients. Their visual identity is strong and coordinated at group level.

As it happened in many of our similar projects, the website was redesigned, optimized for mobile devices, filled with fresh content, images and relevant videos.

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The texts were adapted for readability, translated in English, images were edited and its logo optimized for digital media.

In order to promote their most important product lines, we created Landing Pages to present each one of them in view of their respective category and specific keywords.

A constant communication is maintained through organic content and PPC campaigns, with a conversion rate of 2% on contact forms and offer requests.



Cimbria Heid Project




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