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Project Description

Dana Haapaniemi, Your Career Partner was a project we proudly refer to as we have developed it from scratch.


It was the kind of challenge we assumed with responsibility and enthusiasm.

The client’s brief was clear: developing a visual identity around her name in order to promote the services she offers as a trainer and career counselor. The client also wanted a presentation website that meets the standards of existing modern platforms related to human resources market. We started the identity creation from the concept of growth and development in a safe and healthy environment. So, we designed the brand name and the visual identity for Dana Haapaniemi.

Then, our web development specialist started developing the bilingual, Romanian and English website following the agreed graphic concept. The site exposes three main categories: the specialist presentation, the services provided for individuals and for companies.

The website content was provided by the customer, and the Online Hub specialists had to arrange it in an intuitive and easy to navigate sitemap. We also considered the user interaction with the platform. Users, whether they are seniors or at the beginning of their career path, can find useful an easy-to-read information structured on areas of interest.

Currently, we keep in touch with our client and offer advice on online marketing campaigns and how she can improve the website traffic.

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Career Partner


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