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Project Description

About Bright Finance

Bright Finance is a company that provides credit counseling, with a team made of banking and financial specialists. Bright Finance team act as mediator between clients and banking institutions, offering support for all types of loans, from secured loans, unsecured loans, refinancing, First Home, Credit Card, SME Credit, in order to meet the financing needs of their clients.


The brief received from Bright Finance representatives was to develop a website in order to present the company’s services. The platform had to integrate a design that follow the of the existing logo, maintaining the same color scheme, for an unitary image.

Given the company’s field of activity and the need for those who refer to the company’s services to obtain accurate information, we wanted to develop a platform with complete date that meets these client’ needs and helps them in their endeavor. The content developed by the Online Hub team was based on the data received from the company, as well as on a rigorous market analysis, focused on the quality of the information, providing explanations and guidance for users regarding the existing types of loans. The company’s services have been described in the context of the clients’ need for mediation with the banking institutions.

The Online Hub web development team has developed a complete and intuitive, attractive, easy-to-navigate website, with an integrated contact form on the pages so that the user can quickly get in touch with the company’s representatives or send a request on the topic of their interest.

Regarding the graphic component of the website, the Online Hub graphic designer specialist proposed the selection and integration within the design of images and icons that reflect the area of services described on the new platform.

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