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Project Description

AUDACE is a financial consulting company that can help you create and implement complex financial structures. AUDACE team is formed by financial professionals with over 10 years expertise.


In the financial domain creativity hardly finds a place. It was a challenge to outline a visual identity for a company whose focus is on results, complex graphics and precise figures, but we found in the AUDACE team a warm partner that transforms the logical world of finance into bright business opportunities.

The first step was to design the AUDACE logo together with the brand and slogan handbook and use it in presentation materials (business cards, letterheads, etc.).

The next step was to develop a website that translates in a simple and precise way what services the company provides to customers. Also, we had to present AUDACE team members and their added-value they will bring to each customer.

In building the website, we have been dealing both with the web design and with the content processing provided by AUDACE. We had to adapt the content and upload it on the pages in a SEO friendly manner.

In addition, photos selection along with content management has helped us to optimise the site so it has good indexing in order to bring advantageous organic results.

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New website
Search engine optimisation
Strategy & consultancy
Visual identity. Branding