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Project Description

We can fairly say that the school was launched in the same time with its website, in 2013. Back then they were sharing space with Art Music, Eduard Carcota’s recording studio. Their services were promoted on a single page of Art Music’s website.

In order to raise awareness we proposed the school a unique and dedicated website. The domain’s name was carefully chosen after a thorough keyword research.

Soon, the school’s website was a simple parallax one, named It had only a few sections: a brief description, tariffs and contact info.

We created a brand new logo for the Art Music Canto School, with its own color scheme, distinguishing it farther away from the Art Music recording studio.

From the moment their website was online, traffic increased from day one and people interested in studying canto found answers which Google couldn’t provide.


Art Music Canto School is a place for those passionate about music, who want to study vocal techniques in canto pop and acting.

Their target is young, mostly teenagers who start building a musical career, young parents and adults passionate about music.

Madalina Carcota is the school’s founder. She pioneered her own vocal coaching technique that drives results. The teacher’s competences and the quality of the technique are confirmed by the success of their students.

When crafting Art Music Canto School’s identity we’ve integrated its values and the coziness of the places, its elegant and professional atmosphere with a touch of familiarity. It is a fresh and vibrant business and we wanted that to be shown by its identity.

In 2016 we redesigned the website and put a focus on video features, visual and audio references gathered on a regular day at school. The school’s performance was pushed forward as well. Art Music Canto School’s blog was rapidly filled with original content written by Madalina Carcota. She presented her technique in detail and won the trust of the community which is growing organically with every post.

Art Music Canto School’s digital footprint is comprised by its Facebook page and its YouTube channel. This is their online hub, permanently updated and optimized through an ongoing SEO process.

The school’s website ranks first on Google organic search results when people look for: canto teacher, canto school, vocal technique, canto scholarship, canto lessons, canto workshops and the list goes on.

  • Raising brand awareness

  • A business that adds value, quality, credibility and proven results

  • Optimized efficiency on search engines and social networks

  • A significant increase in conversion rates

  • Constant business growth with minimal investments

Today, the school has 103 students. Back in 2013, when there was no website, it had only 3 students.

Since then, the evolution was strong, going from one teacher to eight and one study room to six.

Generating original online content was the top priority of the online communication strategy: articles about the vocal technique from a pedagogical standpoint, interactions between parents, teachers and students, video presentations, tutorials on vocal techniques and the students’ results after the first years of study – recording sessions, music videos and interviews.

Art Music Canto School achieved all of its performance just by following our proposed digital marketing strategy. There were no investments in paid media, neither offline nor online.

The conversion rate exceeded all expectations of our client.

Another successful campaign was the promotion of the annual Art Music Scholarship. We have attracted 48 candidates in less than a month. 22 students were on stage at the final casting. The awareness of the project was confirmed by reactions and engagement in the Facebook community.

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Art Music Canto School Project


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