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Project Description

AEF Automobile is a Car repair shop that offers complete services for cars maintenance. Founded in 2001 in Bucharest and Brasov, AEF Automobile offers quick problem solving at unbeatable prices, whether mechanical or tinsmith and dyeing work for any type of vehicles.

Project description

When we started the project that was mainly about online promotion, the website was not up-to-date from the user-experience perspective and mobile friendly. We proposed a new concept – web design, modern layout, responsive, up-to-date look and feel, updated content. We put a strong accent on the advantages, high-end services and what clients need from a car-repair shop. We built a new website, with a intuitive flow of information, authentic images and enhanced user interaction.


The content strategy and the copy for the web-pages were done by the Online Hub team. The call to action modules were designed to convince the user initiate the contact with the company or directly hiring services. The call-to-action buttons are linked to the contact forms or a mobile phone-line dedicated to customer support, while “Learn more” buttons let users discover how AEF Automobile performs the services, what deals do they offer. Thus, we strive to get a dynamic website and let users discover quickly the brand and its strengths.


After launching the website, we developed the online promotion strategy for the car repair shop: we proposed them to use Google Ads for seasonal offers  and area promotion and SEO for good website ranking in natural search. AEF Automobile aims to target their customers in a very effective manner and bring the right solutions in front of their customers. We chose to develop Landing Pages for each offering or service page, we created the content in a SEO friendly manner and our goal was first to drive more traffic to the landing pages and secondly to increase the number of conversions.

We achieved an increase in overall traffic by 200% and the conversion rate was up to 8%. The number of generated leads – existing and new customers grew rapidly and the main channel of driving sales is now Google Ads which proved to be very efficient. The SEO process is a continuous development of up-to-date content and it also returns good results.

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