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Project Description

For over 10 years, Best Smart Consulting has supported businesses in different areas of expertise to streamline their working procedures in order for the company to operate as a whole, without suffering for losses.

The Industrial Academy is a concept nurtured from the industrial sphere’s need to simplify the work processes and turn them into more effective ones.


Best Smart Consulting is a visionary company. The work flow unfolded easily and the Online Hub professionals developed the visual identity for the Industrial Academy that reflects the company’s values ​​and delivers them in a consistent and harmonious manner.

Along with the visual identity, the marketing strategy we have developed has enabled us to harness all the team strengths and turn them into realistic opportunities and goals. We have been focusing on marketing and communication tactics for the company to follow in order to maintain a close relationship with the brand audience, both online and offline.

In the marketing strategy we also included a presentation video, which was a challenge for us in trying to capture the energy behind the Industrial Academy courses, to accurately transmit their benefits and how they can help.

For the development of website, Best Smart Consulting has consistently benefited from our consultancy. Together we have managed to portray an online identity for the Industrial Academy brand and restructure the entire content in an efficient manner. Fast and simple, we uploaded online all information about Industrial Academy courses.

The website has a great potential for organic growth through SEO, Social Media, blog articles and e-mail marketing campaigns, but our strategic recommendation is to sustain and maximise this growth by Google AdWords campaigns in order to cover all market and to reach as many users as possible from the Industrial Academy Target.

The Industrial Academy is one of the most appreciated projects we have worked on, thanks to the openness and initiative that both teams have shown!

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Academia industriala


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