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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the most efficient instrument for online promo. By using Google AdWords you make sure the right audience is engaged: those searching for your products on Google. Through Google AdWords you make sure you attract interested visitors on your website. AdWords places text ads in Google search results page or banners on Google partner websites. The ads are triggered by keywords. By using Google AdWords we reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

How does Google AdWords work?

The way AdWords functions is easy to understand. People search for the products or services they are interested in. They search using keywords in Google. In order to have her ads listed in the Google search results page, each advertiser bids a certain amount. This is called COST PER CLICK (CPC). This CPC along with the quality score of the ad (the ad’s relevance) determines the ad’s rank. The ad’s rank determines the ad’s position among search results. Of course, things get a little complicated once you delve into details, because there are a lot of variables. But keep in mind, AdWords works with keywords and bids.

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Each AdWords campaign starts with a well crafted strategy

  • Research and analysis. After setting up your AdWords account, we measure your digital footprint. We start with a website audit (if you don’t have a website yet, check out our web development section). Is your website optimized for search engines? Does it provide a good user experience? How many products and services do you promote on your website? We’ll further explore strategies conducted by your competition and keywords used by your target audience when searching for your products. Based on the intelligence gathered we’ll make recommendations and choose a direction for AdWords campaigns. If you already have an AdWords account we’ll audit its activity and evolution. CTR, CPC, CR? Leave that to us.
  • Real time performance and optimization. Parameters check, set-up and off we go. We’ll closely follow your AdWords campaign in order to adapt for a maximal conversion rate. We’ll make sure money won’t fly out the window. When taking decisions we take into account visitor behavior and modify ads so that the messages are optimally delivered on the appropriate device, in the appropriate language, at the right time and location.
  • Customized objectives for your business. Once we start, we have to know where we’re heading. What do you want to have happened on your website? Increase traffic? Form completion? Or selling a product? We mix the power of Google Networks (search and display) to promote your ads in different formats (text, graphic, video) on digital real estate such as Google Search results page, Google partner websites, Gmail or YouTube. Remarketing will always be an option. Thus, people who visited your website at least once, will be targeted with custom ads. By using remarketing you increase the chance of conversion – conversion is the desired action a visitor should take – because the message is received by a person who already expressed interest in your product.

  • Costs are always under control. When using AdWords you pay only if someone clicks on your ad. You will never pay outside your budget. Everything is measurable and under control. We set your budget according to your campaign’s objectives and avoid unnecessary spending by optimizing Google bids.
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Measured and optimized results

We permanently measure KPIs. One of both digital marketing’s and Google AdWords main advantages is exact results measurement. Conversions, cost per conversion, conversion rate, conversion value, acquisition costs and the list goes on. By measurement we always know where we stand.

Monthly customized reporting. We schedule monthly meetings with our customers to discuss and analyze campaign status. Being proactive in coming up with new solutions and alternatives is our second nature. AdWords analysis is always performed in the general context of your website because we always consider Web Analytics. Support through e-mail or phone is offered during working hours. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Trust and transparency. These are two of our most precious values. With every collaboration we insist that every customer is invoiced directly by Google. You’ll always get access to your accounts and see how we manage your budgets. Our fees are fixed and differ in regard with project complexity.