About Lala Crizbășianu

Digital Marketing Strategist, Founder Online Hub. She is Google AdWords Individual Certified and Google Analytics Expert in 2011 and provides consulting and training in digital marketing tactics.

Storytelling in digital marketing

By |2017-02-14T11:48:50+02:0001.08.2016|

Technology has evolved to such a degree that computers have defeated humans at one of the most complex games: GO. “Defeat” might be a harsh word, but we should get used to it when it comes to certain head-on challenges with technology. Stories have been around for ages and they still are the foundation of [...]

Why Online Hub?

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We provide marketing consultancy with a focus on digital. We try to convince customers that the success of an online business depends on creating and optimizing an integrated online presence. Website, social media channels, blogs - all of them function as a hub, hence the idea of ​​creating an Online Hub which aims to increase [...]