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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free data service that provides statistics about your website visitors and their online behavior.

After creating the website, we need to find out more about the impact it has on visitors.

Which are the most important traffic sources?

Which website sections are more efficient?

Which pages have more visitors?

How many people visit your website using mobile devices?

Why do some visits lead to an order and others don’t?

Google Analytics helps us find answers to these questions and many more. We can understand our visitors behavior and improve user experience. Thus, we can reach the website’s objectives.

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Why is Google Analytics useful?

  • It gives an overview of user activity on your website. Data provided by Google Analytics shows us what is the bounce rate, which are the most popular pages, what is the customer journey and what are their preferred devices (mobile, tablet, laptop).
  • It offers information that is useful for increasing website traffic. By analysing the most important traffic sources (direct traffic, indirect traffic, paid traffic) we can easily identify opportunities to increase the number of visitors.
  • Qualitative and quantitative data regarding website traffic. It’s not enough to have high traffic if the bounce rate is big and visitors do not perform the desired actions (buy, form completion, newsletter registration, downloads, etc.). A thorough analysis of this kind of data leads to opportunities for website optimization that in turn leads to achievement of marketing objectives.
  • It also supports the SEO process. By gaining insights into the most popular keywords used by your visitors, we can take actions to improve the ranking in search results.
  • Measurement of sales and conversions. We all know how important it is to measure the performance of campaigns aimed at making visitors perform certain actions. Google Analytics reports help us have an overview of all our campaigns delivered through digital channels.
  • Google AdWords optimisation. By connecting the Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts we get a full overview of user behaviour and his journey, from seeing the ad to performing a particular action on site. Info gathered in Google Analytics can be useful in improving AdWords campaigns.
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Always monitor your website activity!

Find more about your customers online behaviour and identify their needs!
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Our agency provides the skills needed to decipher Google Analytics data. The insights gained help us improve your digital marketing performance, your website’s performance and implicitly your business performance.